What is B-Better?


B-Better is a Hiphop company which seeks to educate and empower through classes, workshops, public appearances and events. Our primary medium for this is through dance.

‘Hiphop’ is a culture born in the 70’s, and is built around a few key ideologies that are often ‘reframed’ or completely ignored by the world media. Mysoginistic rap lyrics and brash, materialistic behaviour are not the foundations on which Hiphop culture is built, but ACTUALLY, ‘Peace, Love Unity & Having Fun‘. At B-Better we strive to re-educate the general public on the true essence of hip-hop through its artforms. These include:

The Art of Hip-Hop: Graffiti

The Voice of Hip-Hop: Rapping

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The Instruments of Hip-Hop: Turntablism (or Djing) and beatboxing

..and The Dance of Hip-Hop: ‘Breakdance’ (B-Boying/Girling) and associated dances including, Popping, House, Locking, Waacking, Vogue, Krump and the hiphop social dances

We hope that by displaying the elements of hip-hop in their purest forms, either through classes, workshops, events, seminars, ‘battles’ (or competitions) or demonstration, we might further educate on the culture and provide an outlet for creativity.

Hip-hop was born in a small district in the Bronx, New York, by youths who were perceived to have no real ‘talent’, but 4 decades later the term ‘hip-hop’ is used to sell everything from cars to candy bars.

Self-expression through the hiphop arts is for ALL.

When is B-Better?

B-Better was formed in Spring 2004

Where is B-Better?

The B-Better headquarters lies in North-West London, and we run classes in different parts of the city and beyond through our outreach programs.

Who is B-Better?

The name & concept of the company was coined by T Damien Anyasi. His love of b-boying pushed him to it, having been a DJ, rapper AND writer (graffiti artist) at different stages of his artistic career.


Louisa Andrea, joined the force between 2012-2016 and has been integral in the growth and identity of the company. Louisa’s natural desire to engage and encourage others has resulted in a number of unique and inspirational projects and her value is without parallel.

B-Better is a constantly changing group of contributors, both long-term and short, who are passionate enough about their particular art form to share it with others. Whether it be through tuition, mentoring or just ‘going off’, the message is consistent among us all: Let your self-expression speak.

How is B-Better?

To date, B-Better is mostly recognised as a company focused on dance. We have been involved in work for RedBull, the British Heart Foundation, The Guardian newspaper and countless schools, colleges and universities around Europe.

Our aim is to further unify the elements of hip-hop through events and education. As mentioned before, through actively reaching communities, individuals and institutions alike, the understanding of hip-hop will grow.

Why is B-Better?

Because Hiphop lives in us all…we’ll just help you find it  🙂