Vogue Workshop with Archie Burnett!

This month we are inviting Archie Burnett, Grandfather of The House of Ninja, to teach and Old Way voguing workshop!

If you have no idea what voguing is here’s our special guest in action:


Archie is only in Europe for a short time and this is the only chance to take a vogue workshop with him in London, so join us at The Thanet, NW5 4HD on Friday 18th January. Email classes@b-better.org.uk for details

Jole ‘PJ’ Pasquale

Jole Pasquale aka PJ has been dancing for 10 years. She’s a Hip-Hop dancer specialized in the Funk Styles: Poppin’ and Lockin’.
She’s also a part-time model and choreographer of theatrical dance shows and fashion shows, and managing director of Carina – Dancing & Modelling Productions.
She’s featured in several music videos and danced at live events, such as the Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012 in London, and Sensational Source of Light 2013 in Bologna (Italy).
PJ teaches Street dance for the RAD “Step Into Dance” and other dance schools across London and Internationally.
“Dance is the reflection of my soul and the story of my life.” (PJ)
To book PJ for classes, workshops, modelling, mentoring or entertainment, please email tin@b-better.co.uk


Recently we sent PJ to Atyrau, Kazakhstan to work with Unidance. Unidance is a company based in St Petersburg, Russia, and operating in many cities across the region. Company director, Tin, has been a frequent visitor to that part of the world, hence our relationship with them.

In this inspirational video, PJ shares her experiences from teaching in Kazakhstan’s second city for a fortnight.

B-Better at Unidance Atyrau


This documentary by legendary hip-hop historian, Henry Chalfant, gives a deep and very real introspective of the birthplace of hip-hop. There is a LOT to discover in this passionate and inspirational film.

We’d like to hear you thoughts, so please share and comment 🙂




Our very own B-Girl sMash stars in this new video by Sublime Wizardry. We are PROUD.

Smash has been one of our longest-representing teachers and is classically trained as well as displaying that hip-hop goodness. She is also the director of Scope Dance Theatre – a hiphop theatre company based in London, and spreading knowledge across Europe and the mediterranean.

Please share this video, and comment below on what video you’d like to see us shoot as a company. We want ideas! ^_^

Meet the teachers!

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