Can I kick it?

Well, yes you can, but only if you allow yourself to! With our free online dance course, you’ll be ready to go from ‘standing still’ to ‘standing out’ in 5 days or less. Get access to your ‘Introduction to HipHop Dance’ videos now.

My teenage dance experience wasn’t great as I mentioned in the video, but that doesn’t mean that YOURS has to be the same.

Just by searching #HHHDance on social media, you will discover tons of videos of different dance moves, and of course, YouTube is FULL of dance tutorials. However, If you need:

  • Clearly explained processes
  • Greater understanding of music
  • Feedback on your progress
  • To be part of a community
  • Help to stay motivated
  • Bespoke dance training for your personal goals and more..

…our free course is for you.

Just look at some of the people we’ve helped:

Met Damien about a year ago. Damien is amazing at breaking down hip hop social dances, teaching the history of the dance steps, bringing them into the context of a social scenario and showing how you can variate them.
In this place the stuff you will learn are endless. Damien is the best teacher ever..! And their classes are dope..! They are simply my dance family

Let's do it!

This free dance course will only be available until 3rd December. Will YOU be ready for the holiday season?

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Still here? Well, now’s a good time to tell you that we’re creating a special course called ‘Nightclub Survival’ which our first 50 course students will gain early-bird access to. If you want in, scroll up and enrol on Introduction to HipHop Dance. See you there!