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Dee Dee - one of our dance teaching legends

Duran Abdullah, known as Dee Dee refers to herself as a Shape-Shifter. Flowing and bending into whatever form is needed to deliver her purpose as an advoacte for freedom of expression and human empowerment. She is a London based Dancer/choreographer, instructor, creative director and stylist. Her tiny 4 ft 10 frame is misleading as her confidence and contagious personality has opened many opportunities for her to paint a colourful career.

From winning and entering numerous dance battles in the underground dance scene in her early career, to teaching sold out workshops at ‘MOVE IT’, the biggest dance exhibition of the year in 2018, Dee Dee has inspired the masses.

She is the leading specialist in the UK for street dance style ‘Shway Style’ after having trained with world known dance pioneer and 80’s movie star, Adolfo ‘Shabba-doo’ Quinones back in 2013.

Her experiences include;

*Founder of the Garage Studio Dance Training space.

*Founder of ION COLLECTIVE: Performance Company and creator of Shway Style UK dance community in London.

*Director and performer for ‘Makeups to Breakups’ music video and being nominated for it as best concept video of the year 2018, by the UK dance Awards.

*Lead dancer and actress for Channel 4 Random Acts, 2018.

*Dancer for Nike ‘Vaporwave’ campaign video.

*Choreographer and stage manager for musical ‘Maria Morena’

*Creative & events manager for north London Nightclub.

Dance Education includes;

*Distinction Merit in BTEC performing arts(Dance)

*Qualified Shway Syle Teacher by pioneer of the style.


Shway Style Workshop

Stage performance: Dancers Delight UK 2018

Directed Project: ‘Make Ups to Break Ups (Dance award nominated)

CLASSES with DeeDee


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