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Hiphop & street dance classes, entertainment and events in Camden, Brent, Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham and surrounding boroughs. Our street style dance classes are for all levels and our B-Better teachers can be booked for private functions too!

What’s New?

Now that we have your attention, please note that all of our classes are frozen for the forseeable future. Our online tutorials are buzzing though, so head on over.

  • Click the red alarm bell on the left of this page so that you can be notified of when we’ll be reopening. You can also be notified by entering your email address on the right.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding. We have curated 11 hygiene-themed dances to cheer you up. Take a look here!


Learn our company dance, The MN Timestep! For more online dance classes visit our online school. Our students around the world are learning footwork, expression and the Aunt Jackie from these videos. Head over and join the party!


Come find out more about our team. Our teachers are all from the street dance scene and at B-Better we pride ourselves on creating opportunities for all.

B-Better rocks from dawn til dusk. Come take class with us today!