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Hiphop & street dance classes in Camden, Brent, Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham and surrounding boroughs. Our street style dance classes are for all levels and our B-Better teachers can be booked for private functions too!

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Whether you’re here for classes, entertainment or insight into street dance culture, you are in the right place.

Our new class schedule for Autumn 2019 will be available soon. Head over to our ‘Classes‘ page and tell us what classes you want! Email us to be added to our newsletter and be informed first.

In our blog you’ll find interesting stories from our company and all things related to dance. Discover what ‘litefeet’ and ‘krump’ are over on our ‘Dance Styles‘ page. Grab a ticket to our monthly dance battle, Ante Up!, and get a taste of the street realness straight from the source.


Want free dance classes for a year? Enter our competition here!


Our junior Manifest Nation dancers performed at the ‘Two Two Steps’ showcase and you have GOT to see the pictures from their performance. Check it right here!


Learn our company dance, The MN Timestep! For more online dance classes visit our online school. Our students around the world are learning footwork, expression and the ‘Aunt Jackie’ from these videos. Head over and join the party!


Come find out more about our team. Our teachers are all from the street dance scene and at B-Better we pride ourselves on creating opportunities for all.

B-Better rocks from dawn til dusk. Come take class with us today!


Visit our blog for news, answered questions and more! In August 2019 our blog was listed in the top 10 dance blogs in UK!

Biting - a common street dance slang