Teaching dance in schools – The magic of movement

Let’s talk about dance in schools

At B-Better we pride ourselves on the work we do with the educational institutions of the United Kingdom. In the modern world, teaching dance in schools is a common experience, though this hasn’t always been so.

Even now, dance is sometimes lumped together with sport, and although they are both physical, there are some major differences.

Fortunately, we have been able to teach dance on curriculum, after school and for special projects, and our work with young people is recognised by many. We also deliver Teacher Training so that you can be confident in getting young people moving, in your own way.

B-Better: Teaching dance in schools for all

We asked a few people we have worked with for some feedback on our lesson delivery and results. Although this video is edited, we hope you will get the honest messages that are shared.

Please enjoy this video below for greater insight!

Our philosophy for teaching dance in schools

We, too, have learnt much from teaching dance in schools around the country and it is always an honour to be associated with other, inspirational educators. Often we will ask about the ethos a school has and if there are specific outcomes to achieve. Knowing these things helps us to create the greatest experiences!

To find out more about the services we can provide YOUR school, please click the link below to view our introductory document

B-Better Schools Introduction

We know this document gives somewhat of a more detailed impression, but there’s nothing quite like a real life session.


Contact us today to create a bespoke project for your school’s needs.

Are you outside of the UK? Our teachers can travel to all locations and if that’s too difficult, try our online classes! The first course is completely free and gives a clear explanation of Hiphop groove and style. Further courses in a range of street style dances will be added, so this is a powerful resource. See you there! 🙂

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