Got 2 left feet? Too shy to dance around others? Special occasion coming up?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions what you need is a personal session!

We all have different aspirations, whether it’s reaching a professional level or trying to attain ANY level at all, sometimes you need something more than one class a week.
Here at B-Better our teachers are specialists in their fields with years of performance / teaching / competitive experience.

1-to-1 tuition is the quickest and easiest way to procure this knowledge for yourself, and give you the confidence to start creating from day 1!

Your tutor will put together a program based on what you want to achieve in dance, and set exercises for you to do in your own time so you are constantly developing!


With private sessions starting from as little as £60 (UK), our rates are no more than you would pay for a physiotherapy appointment or an hour of home tuition. International bookings are welcome.

Book now: or +44 (0) 7789076681