Your Street-Style Dance Classes in London

B-Better specialises in street style dance classes in London and invite you to book a spot on our Taster Week!  You can see a list of dance styles here if you need some guidance.

Are you an adult who needs some reassurance about joining? Look here for some class insight.

Our new season will start 28th September 2020. All enquiries are managed at Below is a look at our schedule.


A (very!) brief history

B-Better have provided Street style dance classes in London since 2004 and take pride in teaching our students individual styles. We have always found that this method helps each person understand their body, discover their superpower and evolve in their own way.

Click here to find out why we don’t use the term ‘street dance’!

Typically, we hold weekly dance classes in Camden, Brent (Queen’s Park) and Hammersmith , for all ages and abilities upwards of 6 years.

We have dance classes specifically for children, teen / adult mix and classes for all ages (like breakin’), and something can be found for everyone.

The greatest street style dance classes in London!

Extras (related to dance classes in London)!

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