Ade – B-Better dance teacher. Profile and background


Ade Onanuga has danced for as long as he can remember, but has professionally since 2011. Starting out on the club scene, Ade went on to compete in dance battle events which eventually lead onto commercial work. During that time, Ade’s professional dance career has grown; appearing on TV shows, adverts and dancing on stage and in music videos for artists. He has become a well rounded dancer.
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Teaching also plays a major role in Ade’s career, having taught different styles of Hip-Hop and street dance to adults and children alike. It is worth noting, however, that while he enjoys the buzz that battling gives him, Ade is equally as passionate about teaching. Both aspects of dance allow him to express his creativity and share a different part of himself. As a teacher, Ade wants to show his students that dance is more than simply moving your body to music and has a deeper layer with its connection to music, our minds and how we influence others.

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Here at B-Better we take pride in the knowledge and that our teaching team have. Just like our students, our teachers have all overcome personal struggles in their dance journey and all continue to grow.
Be sure to talk with them on social media and get an idea of how they grow and their inspirations. We carefully select our teachers as those that are actively part of the scene, where possible, and have real knowledge to impart. It HAS been known for one or two of our students to go on and teach for us, so the next one could be you!
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