Alex was originally a student of B-Better, and with hard work and dedication he is now one of our HipHop teachers. Alex is also part of B-Better’s performance team, Manifest Nation.

Alex started out as an athlete where HipHop served him in many ways through many challenges. He started late to dance and is continuously growing as a dancer, which reflects in his love for all styles of dance, though his heart belongs to HipHop. Exploring every avenue and opportunity to grow he has travelled to learn more about his craft and engages with all in the UK HipHop community.

Helping is a natural instinct of his and he loves to share. He cares about what he does and who he works with, through this he brings a lot of passion to his dance. With a background in Strength and Performance training he brings physicality to classes. His personality is loud and energetic with a positive nature he will give his all to get the best from, and for, a student. Alex firmly believes that the more you challenge yourself the more you grow. He always seeks to challenge, yet is supportive and nurturing to all.


Classes with Alex