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HipHop is everywhere and we have all been uplifted by different elements of this culture whether we know it or not.

If you’ve ever gasped at a breakdance performance, sung along to ‘Baby Got Back’ or been moved by the political messages in Banksy’s graffiti pieces, you have given energy to Hiphop’s culture and reinforced that Hiphop lives in all of us.

The true ethos of HipHop as stated by the Godfather of this culture, Afrika Bambaataa, is: Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. The HipHop Lives brand is a celebration of this ethos and our goal is to positively change 1 million minds about Hiphop’s culture.

The term is ‘Hiphop Lives – 1 Million Minds’ or HHL1m for short

Will you join us?

10% of all profit on garments sold goes towards creating free educational programs and events, and we hope to change and enrich many lives worldwide.


Buy a t-shirt, post a picture of yourself in one, stating what inspired you to wear it, and tag us online  with #HHL1m via Twitter (@HHL1m), Tumblr or Instagram (@hhl1m ) and help us spread the message of goodness.