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You’ve seen the videos, now start learning Hiphop social dances, technique and theory wherever you are! In our online portal on Teachable, we have something for everyone. Read on to find out what’s in store at your online dance class.

Get ready to learn The Robocop…

…experience Orange Justice…

..and try your hand at The Popcorn!

Go now and you can get the first course for FREE, but for now, let’s find out more about the lessons.
We discovered a number of recorded online dance lessons were
  • Too long
  • Strictly choreography
  • Not actually instructional

We spoke with our students and they stated they wanted to learn quickly but also understand what they were doing. Also, a number of them were concerned with the ‘real life’ usage of personalised choreography.

Take an online dance class with B-Better. It's in the name

We feel that an online dance class should have an easy breakdown of movement. We’ve opted to make our classes 5 minutes long so that information is easy to digest.  Also, a portal has been created for teachers and students  to converse and share their experiences so that our international community can grow as one.

There is MUCH more in store, and here’s how you can find out first:

First course for FREE

We have so much information to share we want to give the first 50 people who sign up the introductory course for free. This 3 part course equips you with tools you can use THIS weekend at a social gathering and sets foundation for a lot of things we will explore in future. Don’t delay, and tell a friend today!

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Want real-life classes? Visit our classes page and find out what’s in store this season and also discover 5 things to help you excel in dance.