Sepehr – B-Better dance teacher. Profile and more

Meet Sepehr

Sepehr Dashtipour started learning robot moves at a very young age from a VCR video tape,  and began showing his moves to friends at school. The teachers  asked him if he could perform it to the school talent show and the performance was a success! The ‘human robot’ was born!

In his late teens Sep moved to London to pursue a career in dancing were he studied dance foundation at Tower Hamlets college and learned how to break (b-boy). He joined a crew called One Motion were they taught him the foundations, power moves, and that breaking is a cornerstone of HipHop culture. The crew street performed together on weekends at London eye, South Bank, and wowed crowds year after year.

In his early 20’s, Sep developed his popping technique with popping crew, Goodfoot, and toured around London.

Commercially, Sep has performed for a number of brands including  EE, Dior and Footlocker.

Sepehr is now teaching street-style dance at schools and performs at various locations in London, and most recently performed with our professional performance company,  Manifest Nation, at the National Theatre.

The magic of Sepehr

Sep dances today because “it brings people together”, and  his goal is to keep pushing the dance scene and grow with his crews. Sep is also passionate about helping the younger generation to grow.



Classes with Sep


More about teachers

Here at B-Better we take pride in the knowledge and that our teaching team have. Just like our students, our teachers have all overcome personal struggles in their dance journey and all continue to grow.
Be sure to talk with them on social media and get an idea of how they grow and their inspirations. We carefully select our teachers as those that are actively part of the scene, where possible, and have real knowledge to impart. It HAS been known for one or two of our students to go on and teach for us, so the next one could be you!
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