The London Street dance class for adults!

Which London Street Dance class for adults is for me?

There are tons of options, but here’s why B-Better is the choice for you:

  • Our teachers are active performers and competitors in the London dance scene. See them here
  • The focus of our classes is to unlock skills you can use in real life. #NightclubSurvival
  • We may take you on a dance ‘field trip’ to a jam, show or even a battle!
  • Classes are competitively priced with packages suitable for all.
  • You can join our online forum where we share videos from class and other developmental support. Hands up whoever wants homework!
  • Our community, The Illa Bees, can tell you better than us – here’s some reviews 🙂
  • There are dance classes near you and, if not, we can create them with you. #PeoplePower

–> To fast forward to our classes page, just click here for our weekly timetable. <–

Let’s expand on some of this goodness mentioned above

Who are B-Better dance teachers?

A dance class for adults in London should be taught by teachers this handsome :-D
Ade, Tinman and Jutsu hang out after our Saturday sessions

B-Better’s teaching team are made up of dance artists who specialise in different HipHop, Funk style and Club style dances.

Whether you have HipHop with Farah, Breakin’ with Francis or Popping with Sep, you will know instantly that you’re in good hands. Our artists are active in the dance scene and all compete, perform or create in a professional capacity.

Join us in class and ask them about their background, influences and motivations. You may be pleasantly surprised how much we all have in common!

Will I become ‘a dancer’ by attending B-Better classes?

A full house at our Vogue workshop with Archie Burnett

If that’s the goal, of course!

Our dance classes in HipHop, Breakin’, Popping, House and more, are tailored to help you understand your way of moving. In addition, we help to expand your vocabulary of movement and improve your technique & musicality. Self-expression is a key ingredient in our sessions and you will be encouraged to explore.

We often hear people of all ages say, “Is it too late for me to start?”. As you can see from the picture above, our dance class for adults will make you forget you ever asked 🙂

It’s important to note, though, that if you want to evolve from ‘having a bit of fun’ to ‘becoming a dancer’ there’s a few other things to consider. We touch on ideas to help you develop in this post: Street Dance Classes – 5 tips to help you grow.

Are there dance events I can go to?

Here at B-Better, we think it’s important to try what you learn ‘out in the field’ . Even if you are too shy to dance in public initially, attending events will surely open your mind to the possibilities.

We encourage our students to join us at things we attend as, let’s be honest, street dance wasn’t invented in a studio, ha. Here are some kinds of events which may be of interest:

  • A Jam – Jams are typically an event with music playing throughout where you are free to express yourself as you wish. Whether it’s in a corner or in a cypher, you are encouraged to invite some friends and let your hair down. Jams will typically have dancers of a mix of levels and party people who just love the music .
  • A Party – Just a party. This could be a social event which isn’t heavily populated by dancers and ‘regular people’ go. If you want to field test some of your moves, parties are the best places because typically, others who attend are not competitive. Typically.
  • A Battle – Battles are a unique beast. There are rules, there is tension and often the best thing you’ll see all day. Anyone can enter a battle, but it might be a good idea to just observe the first one to figure out how it works. Our boy Manny said it best in this article to: Find out how a dance battle works
  • A Show – Street styles are now on stage! If you prefer a formal setting in which to connect with street dance, there are shows at various times of the year in most major cities. Zoonation, Breakin’ Convention and Boy Blue typically have events on stage so let’s go see a show!

Aren’t dance classes expensive?

Our dance class for adults is no more expensive than you’d pay for a yoga class or fitness session, and we will do you a deal if you want to stay (which most do)! A one-off with us costs £10 so come give it a go.

We have an online platform too, just incase you want to learn at home. Sometimes travel can be so inconvenient ^_^

I don’t want to just be a number

Our community of teachers (The BeebTeam), students, supporters and partner organisations (The Illa Bees) make B-Better an enriching place to be.

We ensure that our students receive videos from class so that they can practice, and also material to support their growth. It’s kind of like homework, but it’s fun to do!

In our 14 years of teaching we have unified minds across the continent, and you can always find a friend at our dance class for adults. It’s not unusual to find an ally for life. Read the caption on this Instagram post below:

We’re here to celebrate real life with YOU. We know how hard it can be to make new friends as an adult, but if you are open you have a friend in us.

Is there a dance class near me?


Well, in some ways both of these kids are correct!

Our weekly dance classes are listed here but we want to put classes near our people. If you live in an area that we don’t currently cover, but you know of local interest, drop us a line. We want to put a dance class for adults near you so exercise the #PeoplePower

Recommendations from our community have led to a string of awesome events and ideas, so talk to us 🙂


We believe a dance class for adults should be non-judgemental, truly educational, energising and a highlight of one’s week.

Our full class timetable is here, and if you want to know more about what our city has to offer, there are guides to Breakin’ (breakdance) and, hot off the press, Street dance for you to investigate.

Grab a friend and join us this week,

Damien, B-Better

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