Under 12s dance audition – Come book a spot

Under 12s Dance audition

Manifest Nation, our performance company, are looking for new talent! Join us for our Under 12s dance audition this month.

Show your stuff at the Under 12s dance audition for Manifest Nation

On Sunday April 7th, we invite all dancers aged 8-11 years to tryout for our junior dance company. Here are some important things to note:


Time: 4.30pm (for 5pm start). Finish at 6pm

Address: The Thanet Youth and Community Centre, Herbert Street, London, NW5 4HD

Activity: Learn and perform a short dance routine and freestyle.


  • Some dance experience
  • Understanding of rhythm
  • Ability to take instruction
  • Proficiency in a street style (recommended)
  • Genuine interest in performing and growing in dance

We are looking for up to 6 young dancers to join our team and look forward to seeing YOUR young artist there. To reserve a place please email themanifestnation@gmail.com with the full name, date of birth and school of your child. Please also add any important points (experience etc.) and pose any questions you wish. We look forward to seeing you at our Under 12s dance audition.

See you there!


About auditioning

The idea of attending an audition may be daunting for some. It can also be a great excitement for others! There are no direct rules for achieving at an audition, but there are some things to have in mind.

One thing to consider is, “what are they looking for?” Research the company or agent and see what they are holding this audition for. What kind of artists do they like? What’s the tone of their brand? The closer you can get to their mould before you even start the activity, the better.

Secondly, never quit in an audition. Even if you are struggling, keep it going. This trait in itself can appeal to those who are trying to book you and everyone knows that people get nervous. Nerves won’t be a barrier to them discovering how talented you are so keep the heat!

These are just a couple of ideas on how to shine, and we will revisit this in a later blog.