How to have a lifelong Dance career – 5 powerful tips

Defining a dance career A dance career can take many forms which may include: Freelance dance performer Dance school owner Cruise line dancer Teacher Platform Creator And more, listed later In fact, any pursuit related to dance can become a career, but there are a few things that can greatly improve the chance of longevity … Read more

The biggest challenges in learning and teaching Dance

What’s harder – learning or teaching dance? As educators in street style dances, we have encountered people from all walks of life, each with different desires to learn. Some of our students have quite specific goals they wish to achieve while most just attend because dance is fun. We are going to delve a bit … Read more

The Great Directory of Street Dance slang 2019

Biting - a common street dance slang

What is street dance slang? If terms like ‘she got smoked’, ‘winery’ and ‘I strongly died’, leave you with question marks floating overhead, you are not alone! Like in any community, the street dance slang is colourful and unifies those who understand. Some terms are so obscure they need true clarification, while others can be … Read more

The Best Hip-Hop Dance Class in London? 7 reasons why!

The best hip-hop dance class in London uses unique technique!

Finding the best hip-hop dance class in London Here at B-Better we think we have the best hip-hop dance class in London (!) and will touch on that more later on. Click here to go to our classes. First we have to discuss what ‘best’ actually means. According to Merriam-Webster, the adjective ‘best’ means ‘excelling … Read more

Street Dance classes – 5 tips to help you to grow

What is Street Dance? For the short answer visit our post here where more than 10 street style dances are listed. In this post we’ll learn more about what street dance classes are actually teaching and 5 ways you can maximise your experience! Before we go on, you can fast forward to booking our classes … Read more