Stop being too shy to dance, in 5 steps

What’s the process to stop being too shy to dance?

The solution to being too shy to dance is: Repetition, of manageable steps.

Although it’s easier to dance in large groups or with some, erm, liquid assistance, when you are sober and alone, those comforts aren’t there. Our dance classes for adults are a good starting point. If you’re thinking, “I’m not shy, I’m just bad at dancing”, here’s 3 solutions for you. It’s a solid read!

Shyness can affect us all and even the most confident dancers, in certain circumstances, may be hesitant at first.

Let’s shake off the pressure and start with a couple of steps to unlock freedom.

1. Discover your super powers

When you are dancing alone, perhaps video yourself and see which movements are most dominant. Yes, I know that might be extremely uncomfortable, but stay with me for a moment.

When you see yourself, either in a reflection or on camera, what stands out? Your shoulders? Do you have fast footwork? Are your arms storytelling? Do you like to spin or go to the floor?

Recognising the things your body naturally wants to do (as a child would) helps you build your dance foundation. A safe place from which to expand.

If you unlock at least 3 super powers, you’ll be in good shape.

Now, you might be thinking that you don’t have ANY super powers, but I assure you, if you dance to 3 songs in a row, you will start to develop patterns. If you DON’T see any patterns, email us your video and we’ll tell you where your superpowers lie. That’s our job 🙂

Your next step is a different kind of challenge.

2. Teach a move

Often we learn most about ourselves by teaching something to someone else. Find a family member, friend or even a pet that you can share your movement(s) with and you will start getting used to having an audience.

Make sure you pick the right person, though. They should be non-judgemental or at least give you some constructive feedback.

On a personal note, I know that teaching has helped me gain a greater understanding of how I move. It also clears in my mind where my strengths and weaknesses lie. This is useful in a period of self-discovery!

3. Get on the field

You are no longer too shy to dance! At the next social gathering, dance with / near a group of people and try to mimic their energy.

Not necessarily MOVES, but ENERGY!

If you find you are synergizing with others, perhaps introduce a move to the group. People will probably go for it. If they don’t, go back to your ‘basic’ and soak up the atmosphere.

4. Breakout!

Leo is NOT too shy to dance!

So, you have your moves, you’ve tried them with friends, you’ve used them in a social setting. You feel connected to yourself. Now might be time to enter ‘The Circle’.

If a circle opens up at a party please, KNOW THIS THING WELL:

Most people won’t go in, so if you DO, you’re already one of the cool kids.

If it goes wrong, please understand that nobody is going home that night saying, “Did you see that guy?” People have short memories!

By now you’ll have belief in what you do and THAT is success. Different audiences will respond differently, so try to be present wherever there is action ☺️

5. The Final Boss : Something out of nothing

Imagine: Nobody is dancing. The dancefloor is empty. But you love the song.

Imagine if you’re waiting for a train and someone is busking and you wanna jam. What do you do?

Test the water

Start with a pared down version of one of your basics and see if you feel good. If you want, you can stay in that space and just two-step a bit.

If you want to escalate the energy, get your head up and look around. Others may be awaiting an invitation to join you. If they don’t, you have your basic and nobody got hurt!

If others catch the spirit, they may respond by clapping along, mirroring your movements or energy. We KNOW that dance is infectious!


As I mentioned, repetition is the answer. Repeat the first step until you are comfortable enough to move on to the next, and so on.

By the time you start your first impromptu dance party, you’ll forget how it felt to be nervous. Also, you can jump in at anyone of these steps if you have previous ones covered. If you made it to the final boss, you are officially a party starter and you’ll forget what it was like to be too shy to dance. ☺️

We’re trying to help people boogie all around the world at and are here if you need some guidance. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Nightclub Survival’ too!

If you’re in London and want to learn more about dance read our ultimate guides on Breakin’ and Street Dance and expand your knowledge and social group.

Much love to all the ex-shyguys and ex-shygals

Damien, B-Better

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