Cypher Skillz breaking session – feel the burn!

Cypher Skillz is here!

La Familia b-boy crew recently launched a weekly training session for the breaking scene. This event is billed as Cypher Skillz.

Cypher Skillz is in effect

To find out what ‘cypher’ and other street dance terms mean, head to our slang post!

Led by GG, one of the earliest La Familia members, Cypher Skillz is designed to push and develop bboys and bgirls. The sessions ARE open to all levels, but be prepared to come and get a sweat on. You have been warned, ha!

I caught up with GG just before the launch and we had a chat about what to expect.

With breaking in the spotlight of recent, owing to its likely inclusion at the Olympic Games, this session is timely. London has had a rich breakin’ scene for decades as outlined in our ultimate guide, and aside from jams and battles, training spots are important.


Do NOT attend this training session if you are looking for motivation from an outside source. GG will ensure your technique is on point and encourage you to create, but the work rate has to come from within.

Also, if your sole intention is to learn to 90 or be introduced to airflares, this may not be the session for you. Yes, you can learn and train power moves, but Cypher Skillz is geared to building from the ground up. You will acquire an understanding of how to build a more complete breakdance form.

Be sure to follow La Familia on Instagram and we look forward to seeing you at Cypher Skillz soon! For information on B-Better classes head over to our classes page and look around!

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