30 important dancers in HipHop history

Who makes the list of important dancers? November is Hiphop History Month and here at B-Better we usually celebrate by sharing Social Dances through history. This year we showcased 30 of our favourite dancers from different eras who have had an impact on our community, the HipHop dance world or the world at large. Here …

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The London Street dance class for adults!

Which London Street Dance class for adults is for me? There are tons of options, but here’s why B-Better is the choice for you: Our teachers are active performers and competitors in the London dance scene. See them here The focus of our classes is to unlock skills you can use in real life. #NightclubSurvival …

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Ultimate Guide to Street Dance in London 2021

Discover street dance in London

A Quick introduction to Street Dance in London Street Dance is literally, and figuratively, everywhere. Once Flawless and Diversity went head to head on Britain’s got talent back in 2009, Street Dance in London and around the country was never the same again. In this article we’ll cover: A brief history of the London street …

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Our B-Better kids dance to songs from the last decade!

B-Better kids dance in the New Year! A few weeks ago, I was approached by media channel, Word on the Curb, for a project. If there’s a opportunity to have B-Better kids dance, I am DOWN! I was asked to suggest some young people to appear in the video below, and can’t stop smiling! The …

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Why I danced on Instagram every day for a YEAR!

If you search for the hashtags #Dancetrend or #Dancechallenge on Tik Tok or Instagram, chances are you’ve already missed the latest wave. Imagine, however, if you were on a wave most people couldn’t catch. I interviewed Jonathan Bannerjee – a gentleman who danced on Instagram every day for a year! Our Interview I insisted on …

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Cypher Skillz breaking session – feel the burn!

Cypher Skillz is in effect

Cypher Skillz is here! La Familia b-boy crew recently launched a weekly training session for the breaking scene. This event is billed as Cypher Skillz. To find out what ‘cypher’ and other street dance terms mean, head to our slang post! Led by GG, one of the earliest La Familia members, Cypher Skillz is designed …

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The Great Directory of Street Dance slang 2021

Biting - a common street dance slang

What is street dance slang? If terms like ‘she got smoked’, ‘winery’ and ‘I strongly died’, leave you with question marks floating overhead, you are not alone! Like in any community, the street dance slang is colourful and unifies those who understand. Some terms are so obscure they need true clarification, while others can be …

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The Ultimate Guide to Breaking in London 2021

Break dance in London - The Ultimate Guide

A quick intro to break dance in London Our city has enjoyed a rich breakin’ (‘break dance’) culture since the early 80’s. From the cobblestones of Covent Garden to Black Sheep bar in Croydon, there are memories and moments in every postcode. In a bid to cover the most important points on break dance in …

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