Why I danced on Instagram every day for a YEAR!

Our boy danced on instagram every day for a year!

If you search for the hashtags #Dancetrend or #Dancechallenge on Tik Tok or Instagram, chances are you’ve already missed the latest wave. Imagine, however, if you were on a wave most people couldn’t catch.

I interviewed Jonathan Bannerjee – a gentleman who danced on Instagram every day for a year!

Our Interview

I insisted on having Jonathan come and talk to us, because personally, I’d never known a feat like this before. Sure, there are people who dance every day around the a planet, but as we all know, when you HAVE to do something, that’s when challenge can occur.

In a world where we are perhaps quick to consume content and desire quick results, our boy’s dedication to this task was truly something to celebrate. In the interview we discover:

  • The secret to Jonathan’s staying power
  • Where his inspiration came from
  • How the challenge was nearly over by day 12!
  • How he didn’t really cheat’ on one of the days
  • What he’s planning to do NEXT

Don’t delay – you can see the full interview in the vid below

Why this resonates with us

We were fortunate enough to have Jonathan join us at our public classes for one season during his year-long dance challenge. His application in class and desire for knowledge was truly admirable. If you’ve ever been hesitant to join an adult dance class, J’s story should definitely inspire you.

Jonathan went on to perform at our end of season showcase and, as he mentions in the interview, used this as an opportunity to step way out of his comfort zone. We always aim to create a space of exploration for our students, and so we are proud to see him perform. We weren’t to know that 10 months later he would have danced on Instagram every day for a year!

If you’d like to meet some of Jonathan’s mentors, be sure to see our ultimate guides on Breakin’ and Street Dance in London. Solid, inspirational reads.

Our takeaways

Well I’ve learnt one or two things from Jonathan including:

  • Stay on the mission, even if people aren’t cheering you on
  • True fulfilment comes from within
  • Careful planning yields the best results (though flexibility is also key)
  • Make memories while you still can

Please join us in congratulating Jonathan, and you can follow his adventures here (as well as watching 365 videos!).

What did YOU learn from watching this interview and who would you like us to speak to next? Let us know in the comments.

Much love to all,

Damien Tinman

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