Our B-Better kids dance to songs from the last decade!

B-Better kids dance in the New Year!

A few weeks ago, I was approached by media channel, Word on the Curb, for a project. If there’s a opportunity to have B-Better kids dance, I am DOWN! I was asked to suggest some young people to appear in the video below, and can’t stop smiling!

The premise of the episode of ‘People Dance To..’, was to see how they would get down to iconic tunes from 2010-2019. Alongside a handful of other young dancers were our very own:

Manifest Nation's Chaya on Word on the Curb

Chaya (from our company, Manifest Nation)

LEo from B-better kids dances on word on the curb



..and Avi, from our Hammersmith classes

Leila of B-Better kids, dances on Word on the curb

..plus Leila, one of our Camden icons!

We are crazy proud of them, and something important occurred to me whilst watching these young people on screen. Read on!

A culture of self-expression

For years, here at B-Better, we have developed a culture of self-expression across all of our classes. Whether we have taught at school, or worked with people privately, the results are usually assured and expressive dancers.

For example, Chaya (pictured above), had not danced previously, but from working with her at primary school, her ability has now become a passion. There are many stories of this type, but from having worked with her personally, I have to give a special mention. The girl has SOUL!

For an insight into how YOU can develop further in dance, take a look at our post on 5 things to improve your street dance skills. It’s a cool read.

Wanna see B-Better kids dance? Here’s the video!

My Takeaways

The thing that jumped out most in watching this video was that social dance is an innate part of human existence. In every community around the world there are dances that reflect the time and place. In our Hiphop Social Dance series on Instagram, we learned a lot through research, and this video reflects all that’s good about dancing with others.

Also, it’s energised me to do more for the students we have. This opportunity is one of many that I want to present, so hopefully you’ll see more of our artists here on the blog soon.

For a dose of social dance goodness, take a look at out Online classes platform, and get moving this year! Here’s 7 reasons why you should!

Thanks for visiting, Folks, and do head over to our Classes page to see where YOUR youngster can participate in our activities this season. We look forward to meeting you all.

Stay fresh,

Damien TinMan

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