Meet some of B-Better’s dance teachers! Our line-up is constantly evolving as our teachers are also artists in their own right, so it’s good to learn from these folks now while we have them! If you’d like to try out for our team please visit our jobs page. Although this page is an introduction to our teachers, be sure to click through to their social media. It gives you an insight into the day-to-day!

Click on our pictures for more about us and what classes we are teaching:

Our dance teachers are true to the roots


Dee Dee



Our dance teachers are balanced individuals


B-Better’s teachers are all professional dance artists in their own right and have years of experience between them. We appreciate that EVERYBODY says this, but what sets our teachers apart from most is that they live their craft as a lifestyle and are constantly developing in their style.

Our B-Better team actively compete and perform at a high level, which ensures that you, our community, get the realest information. Notably, the squad will also be able to reflect on real life usage for what you learn, rather than just saying, ‘copy me’.

Our Process

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We appreciate that everybody learns in different ways. Some of us have confidence blocks and others of us may have physical sticking points. Our dance teachers endeavour to recognise what best suits each individual student, so that we may help them develop.

Have you ever had a teacher that actually helped you to enjoy learning? Talk to us on a social media streams and tell us your story. We are always looking at ways we can improve. If you have had a class with one of our teachers already, please leave us a review. Thank you for stopping by!