The London Street dance class for adults!

Which London Street Dance class for adults is for me? There are tons of options, but here’s why B-Better is the choice for you: Our teachers are active performers and competitors in the London dance scene. See them here The focus of our classes is to unlock skills you can use in real life. #NightclubSurvival …

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Our B-Better kids dance to songs from the last decade!

B-Better kids dance in the New Year! A few weeks ago, I was approached by media channel, Word on the Curb, for a project. If there’s a opportunity to have B-Better kids dance, I am DOWN! I was asked to suggest some young people to appear in the video below, and can’t stop smiling! The …

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The Best Hip-Hop Dance Class in London? 7 reasons why!

The best hip-hop dance class in London uses unique technique!

Finding the best hip-hop dance class in London Here at B-Better we think we have the best hip-hop dance class in London (!) and will touch on that more later on. Click here to go to our classes. First we have to discuss what ‘best’ actually means. According to Merriam-Webster, the adjective ‘best’ means ‘excelling …

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