Hallowe’en with NBC Universal – A reflection

Last month we were invited to run a hallowe’en dance activity for Comcast / NBC Universal at their London offices and great fun was had by all.

This event, for 200 select children, was an opportunity for Tru, Ryan, Damien and new-face, Kerri, to teach a revised version of Michael Jackson’s’Thriller’ routine, and a fun time was had by all.

Our booking agent, Kat at Shift London, had this to say after the event:

“You guys were absolutely superb, you absolutely stole the show. It was better than what I had imagined.”

We were moved by this account, and hope you enjoy some pictures from the occasion! Visit here to see whether we can enrich YOUR event 🙂

Hallowe'en with NBC Universal

Hallowe'en with NBC. Squad 1

Following this success, we were invited back to perform again with an all new cast the next year.

From left to right: Alexandra, Ade, Tinman and Marcella.

Hallowe'en with NBC universal. Squad 2

Alexandra and Marcella are two of our Manifest Nation dancers and Ade is one of our open class teachers. The contrast of styles between our team ensured the young people enjoyed the experience.

Stay tuned to find out if we spend Hallowe’en with NBC this year 🙂

Event management hacks

Like most fun experiences, the better the plan, the more likely fun will be had. It pays to make note of the desired outcome of an experience before the planning process. Once the target is clear, timelines can be made. One timeline is for the activities at the event and the other is for tasks to complete prior.

On location, it pays to do a reconnoissance mission of the space. Entrances and exits to the experience are as important as the activity itself. The temperature and environment are also incremental in the experience of the clients.

We are going to expand on these hacks in a future post. What do you think is the hardest thing about producing an event? Give us a comment below.