The London Street dance class for adults!

Which London Street Dance class for adults is for me? There are tons of options, but here’s why B-Better is the choice for you: Our teachers are active performers and competitors in the London dance scene. See them here The focus of our classes is to unlock skills you can use in real life. #NightclubSurvival …

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Ultimate Guide to Street Dance in London 2021

Discover street dance in London

A Quick introduction to Street Dance in London Street Dance is literally, and figuratively, everywhere. Once Flawless and Diversity went head to head on Britain’s got talent back in 2009, Street Dance in London and around the country was never the same again. In this article we’ll cover: A brief history of the London street …

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Our B-Better kids dance to songs from the last decade!

B-Better kids dance in the New Year! A few weeks ago, I was approached by media channel, Word on the Curb, for a project. If there’s a opportunity to have B-Better kids dance, I am DOWN! I was asked to suggest some young people to appear in the video below, and can’t stop smiling! The …

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Why Street Dance in Queen’s Park is here to stay!

Ade and Sep truly brought street dance to Queen's Park

A short story One Sunday, Sep and I were training outside Salusbury Primary school and something quite interesting happened. Several families strolled by, and a young girl of about 7 years slowed down her walk as if caught in a spider’s web. Looking through her blue-framed glasses she appeared truly oblivious to her mother’s call. …

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