Why Street Dance in Queen’s Park is here to stay!

The launch of Street dance in Queen's Park

A short story

One Sunday, Sep and I were training outside Salusbury Primary school and something quite interesting happened. Several families strolled by, and a young girl of about 7 years slowed down her walk as if caught in a spider’s web. Looking through her blue-framed glasses she appeared truly oblivious to her mother’s call. We knew at this moment that there could be a culture of street dance in Queen’s Park.

What happened next

We consider Queen’s Park and South Kilburn as a ‘true neighbourhood’, which in London today is less common than ever. Our interactions with the little heroine mentioned above and other families that day really stuck with us. We DID start a street dance class in Queen’s Park, but not before some further exploration.

A couple of Thursdays later, we held our public dance jam, Electric Slide, at Queen’s Park bandstand. Electric Slide is an idea we created to support all dance enthusiasts irrespective of experience. If you are there, you are part of the experience!

We were joined by Ade from our teaching team and some of our other associates, but interestingly, the public seemed a bit shy to join us.

Ade and Sep truly brought street dance to Queen's Park
Don’t worry, Boys, they’ll come around 🙂

How the public came around

At B-Better we love to get in front of an audience. Through a mix of public performance and local school appearances, we managed to deliver street dance in Queen’s Park!

Our weekly class for 6-11 year olds is held at The Granville, which is run by South Kilburn Trust. Through the diligent work of Tomas ‘T-Boy’ Drafi and Keigan ‘Soulkwest’ Westfield, we are starting to create!

The future

Let’s create something that endures here in Brent, Folks! If you’d like your child to come and try a class with us, here is your chance. Also, if you have ideas for other dance classes that would be good fit for the neighbourhood, let us know! We have a list of ideas for you, right here.

Much love to all,

T Damien and Sep

@The_TDA & @SepDashti

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